Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sunday and An Enjoyable Afternoon & Evening with Mick on the Derwent

Met Mick (aka Trugg) from the forum for a day on the Derwent at 1300, went down to the fishing hut and decided to fish down there away from the crowds. Expected it to be busy but there was nobody there, could not believe it. Showed Mick the pools and the possible lies and runs before fishing the next pool down. Noticed Mick in to fish several times.

For his view on the day see his blog here

Spent a few hours before going back to the hut for a "kelly" tea, very tasty!

The mayfly failed to materialise even though it was ideal conditions. Went down to the bottom end of the fishery and showed Mick some more riffles, runs and pools where again he picked up numerous good fish.

Went back for a bite to eat of Hancocks pork pie and cooked ham and salad washed down with a bottle of Theakstons Old Peculiar lovely, however. Just as I sat down at the picnic bench it all went flying! Everything landing on me and the grass. Once we both stopped laughing we managed to salvage most of it. Needless to say if they introduce bench rolling as an Olympic sport then count us in!

Went into the park below the cricket pitch for the last hour where there was a hatch going on and again Mick picked up some good fish finishing the day with well over 20 fish.

Mick with a lovely wild rainbow

Mick into another fish below the cricket pitch

Finished about 10pm after a really great day, I am glad Mick caught fish as I am always apprehensive when I take a guest as all I want is for them to catch fish an enjoy the surroundings.

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Tony said...

Nice fishin looks great!!!