Sunday, 26 July 2009

CLA Gamefair

Went to the CLA gamefair at Belvoir (beever) Castle with Roger and Derek, this is the 1st time I have been. Made for the fishermans row 1st to checkout the various stalls. All the usual people were there WTT, S&TA, Lakeland Flytying etc. It was overcast which was ideal for browsing as the tents were not hot. Bought some rusty spinner cdc for those evenings spinners and some golden plover hackles to tie some spiders. Caught up with some old faces too. It was surprising how few people were there. Several times we were the only punters in the various stalls, must be very worrying for the stall-holders. A couple of times gusts of wind sent the displays of expensive Hardy, Sage and Orvis rods clattering across the ground but unfortunatley the proprietors were not up to accepting offers for shop soiled goods!

The WTT had a couple of good displays, one was a piece of round gutter inclined at a gentle angle to represent a stream with riffles and runs, with gravel in the bottom and various pieces of twig fastened to represent woody debris. As a piece of the twig was removed it was really surprising how quickly the gravel was washed away thus depleting the spawning gravel. Likewise when woody debris was placed in the run and gravel introduced at the top, how quickly it built up behind the obstruction. Stuart Crofts was also displaying various nymphs (BWO and stonefly) and shrimps, again very informative as usual, Stuart is always very enthusiastic and eager to share his knowledge.

We left around 1630 but could not get over how quiet the fair had been. There were not traffic hold-ups and the carparks were only half full at the most. The economic downturn has obviously affected everyone. Overall a good visit and recommended if you have not been before and interested in all things country.

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