Friday, 24 July 2009

Last Light

Went down to the willow pool for last orders at 2030. Not one of the warmest evenings! Was not expecting much but this pool is sheltered and there were a lot of spinners about and small pale sedge, or thats what they looked like. Started off with an olive dun as my rod was still made up from Monday night and immediatley started catching, the first 2 a decent brown and a nice rainbow both as wild as they come. Then connected with something larger which made off with my fly and cast. Hopefully it will be able to get rid of it fairly quickly. Made up a new cast and put on the old faithful rusty spinner as there were a lot on the surface now. Again started to connect with fish and landed several more browns, most of them stock fish. The rise to the spinner was totally different to that of the dun, the fish were either head and tailing to take it or just sipping it down, superb! Fished until could not make out my fly on the surface but struck when I knew it was in the vicinity of the rise, 50/50 hookups. Temperature dropped by 2130 so decided to tickle them with a sedge, only 1 taker but the best fish of the evening running to nearly 2lbs fin perfect and again a wild one, my opinion anyway. Finished up with 8 browns and 1 rainbow, not bad for an hour and 15 mins.
My interpretation of a rusty spinner, this is the one which took the majority of fish.


glen pointon said...

Colin nice fishing mate, looks like you fish a quality river, that spinner looks the top job mate, can you let me know how to tie one, materials ect, would like to use them more often when they ase 'ON EM'

Thanks mate

Keep up the great blog


Colin said...

I use either a 16 or 18 TMC100BL. The one on the blog is size 16.
Thread= uni rusty brown
Tail=red game
Body= Rusty spinner dubbing from Natures Spirit or Superfine march brown which is similar
wing=light dun zelon or antron tied spent
hackle=red game tied behind and in front of wing, trimmed underneath.

PM me your address and I will send you a bit of the dubbing and zelon to try.

Glad you like the blog, likewise yours is always entertaining especially the meets you have on the Dove. I was a member of L&DAA before I got on the Derwent so I know the areas your fish, another really super river. The Derwent is an excellent river to fish, I know I am lucky to be able to fish it.
Keep on blogging!