Thursday, 16 July 2009

Wednesday 15th July

Actually managed to get out last night! Met Derek by the 1 arch bridge at Calton Lees, went upstream to below the bottom weir. The small deer (fallow?) had put in an appearance as we walked up.

Unfortunately only managed 2 shots (not with a gun) as I was using Mrs P's camera and the battery died so no fishy pictures.

Derek fished 1 side with a dry pheasant tail and I fished the other with a klinkhammer, we both connected to fish straight off but neither of us could keep them on initially. Fish were taking the bwo duns/spinners and some small sedge. It wasn't long before we were both connecting to fish, I took predominantly browns with just 1 small wild rainbow and a grayling. I moved up to directly below the weir where there are a few deep pools so just dropped a "larry's pride" (nice one Mick!) which was taken by several good browns. Decided to move further down below Derek where the trout were going berserk for the rusty spinners. I took 2 good browns 3" from the bank again on good old larry's pride, by now it was about 2130 so switched to a rusty spinner and picked up more browns. The rise forms varied from full blown splashes to barely noticeable sips which tended to be the bigger fish. There were so many fish taking the spinners as the surface was covered by lots of spinners that I was spoilt for choice as to which fish to cast to. It has been a long time since I have seen a spinner fall like this, certainly do not remember anything like it last year. Finished around 2230 after a really enjoyable evening as it did not look too promosing at 1900, the temperature dropping from 2200 but still fish rising! Lost count after 15 of the number of fish taken, Derek also finishing with a similar number. On the way back to the car heard the stags calling thier harem together by now some of the larger deer had also appeared. A truly wonderfull picture in the setting of Chatsworth Park topping the evening.

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