Saturday, 19 March 2011

1st Outing of the 2011 Trout Season

Derek invited me to share a rod on the Cressbrook and Litton stretch of the Wye. We went down to the lunch hut on the A6 where Don was also out. After a good natter we made our way downstream. It was a beautiful afternoon with the river crystal clear and a slight chill in the air. Derek gave me the first chuck and more or less said "put your fly there" and on about the third cast a wild rainbow came to hand.

It came to a good old fox squirrel nymph. There were no hatching flies about to speak of. Derek then had a cast and also took a fish from the same pool. Don losing a good fish also.

We worked our way down stream and Don spotted a good fish which showed itself. It was my turn again to try for it and I had put 1 of Don's comparaduns on. I worked my way up and my heart was thumping as this was the first fish I was covering this season which had shown itself. I got the fly into the vicinity and up the trout came and I struck as if I was trying to hook a shark and ping the whole cast went. Too keen and certainly out of practice! I slunck out of the river to make up a new cast and left Derek and Don to carry on in the pool, both of them taking fish. I put on another comparadun and again worked my way up the next pool taking a 12" brown.

We went down to 2 pools and Derek took a really good rainbow, I then went in and also took a small wild rainbow too on the comparadun. We worked our way back to the hut but by now the temperature had dropped and so we called it a day. A really good afternoon was had by all and especially by me for the 1st outing of the 2011 season.


Kelly said...

I´m a little frustrated in people who´s delighted after killing an animal - even if it´s "just" a fish or a bug.

Baslowfisher said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

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