Friday, 18 March 2011

A.K.Best's Fly Box

Just received this book through the post. I have known about AK for a while after reading most of John Gierach's books, which are also cracking reads, good for holidays when there is no fishing or during the winter months. On 1st inspection it looks brilliant! There are lots of photographs of his flies, perfectly tied together with photographs of the individual insects so you can compare the two. I was going to put some pix in but rapidly had second thoughts as I would probably contravene every copyright law known to man! He seems to tie a lot of flies with quills which look amazing, definitely going to try them as I am sure we all have them on capes which have long feathers which are not used. I have used quills before for the rusty spinners but those unused feathers have been staring me in the face for years wondering what to use them for! A lot of the insect photographs look like those insects on our rivers here in the UK too. Maybe some publisher could come up with a UK equivalent? A series maybe, "Oliver Edwards Flybox", "Stuart Crofts Flybox" etc. etc.

On another subject, went over to feed the none existent ducks yesterday, the Derwent is looking in fine form ready for the season. Lots of fish about as you can see them in the crystal clear water. I did notice that there is a heck of a lot of new silt in the runs by Baslow Old Bridge. This was brought down in the last lot of floods we had a few weeks back. I wonder how the rest of the river has been affected? In previous years after big floods its amazing how the bed of the river changes, where once there was your favourite run or pool sometimes these can disappear.

Anyway only a few weeks to go now before opening and I received my new ticket for Chatsworth the other day also so its all coming together!

Hopefully my next post will have some actual fishing report so watch this space.


Regular Rod said...

That silt needs testing! Glebe mines! The silt is higher in volume than I have ever seen it in 40 years...

Regular Rod

Baslowfisher said...

Hi Richard, I totally agree, they were my thoughts too. I am going to speak to Matthew about it when I next see hime. The EA say they "cleaned" the river but that was only as far as Calver bridge and I am sure there must still be more of that obnoxious stuff still in the river. At least up to last year it had not affected the insect life but then lead poisoning isnt something which is obvious overnight.

Unknown said...

Hello Colin,

Thanks for following my blog. I found youre and have signed up. I too am a fan of A.K.Best. I don't know if your aware but Oliver Edwards "Masterclass" has been re-printed?

I've promised myself a trip up your way this season. I would love to catch a wild river rainbow in the UK.


Baslowfisher said...

Hi Flyfishermanrichard, Thanks for looking in. I fish the Wye as a guest but day tickets are available on Cressbrook and Litton where there are wild rainbows.