Monday, 25 July 2011

Rusty Spinners show up

Went last evening to the willow pool. A lovely warm and sunny evening, there were clouds and clouds of sedge about but strangely not many fish rising only the odd 1 here and there. I started with a sedge and after a couple of half hearted rises and not connecting I switched to a smaller pattern but still nothing. After about 45 minutes I went up to the head of the pool where I had noticed a few fish rising but still nothing would take the sedge. I switched to a sedge pupa which managed to deceive a brown but must have been a flook as nothing else was forthcoming. The slight breeze dropped about 2045 and then fish started to move and rise consistently so I moved back down to the tail of the pool. Many of the rises were splashy so I changed back to the sedge and took another couple of browns. Considering the number of fish rising by this time and the fact I was covering fish on every cast I didn't think the sedge was the exact fly being taken. There was nothing showing on the surface in the immediate area where I was standing so I edged as close as I could to the foam lane where the fish were and b***er me there they were, RUSTY SPINNERS even though none were about in this area. I understand that BWO's lay their eggs in fast streamy water so I suspect that they were coming down from the head of the pool. I put on my strusty rusty and imediately started getting takes. It was now 2100 and I managed to land 4 more browns by 2115 before the rise petered out as the temperature dropped. The rise was over in 30 minutes but it is satisfying to know that you suss out what they are taking (eventually!!) and get the result.

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Hawaiian Odysseus said...

Very interesting and entertaining photoblog. I especially love the camera angles on the water.

You're doing a great job of entertaining and informing your readership.

Best wishes, and continued success!

Hawaiian Odysseus