Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Gulley!!!!

Went down to the willow pool again on Tuesday night but there was somebody there so decided to fish the gulley (da da daaaah). Now this is not for the faint hearted as its quite difficult to get in and looking at the pool from above it looks dark and deep. It is possible to get through the pool but care must be exercised as there are lots of football sized stones and deep parts to trap the unwary. I had on a sedge and raised a couple of fish which didn't connect properly then someting a bit larger took. It bore down and next thing snapped my 2.6 bayer tippet. Start again! Rises were few and far between but I noticed some rises further up the pool so made my way up vary carefully. No sedge were about but the fish were sipping something so on went my trusty rusty spinner. After a couple of fish covered I took a small wild brownie. This pool always produces good wild browns. I worked up a little further and took a good wildie which must have been 12-14 inches and beautifully marked. I finished off at 2130 at the head of the pool taking a grayling to complete the evening. 4 fish not bad I suppose.


Trout MaGee said...

It sounds like your hard work payed off nicely. Wild browns and grayling, doesn't get much better than that. Nicely done. Tight Lines.

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