Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Last Evening

Went down into the park last evening. Wasn't going to go but as the temperature was still high at 1930 decided to go as we don't get enough of evenings like this. Started about 2000 below the cricket pitch but there wasn't much rising as there was a distinct lack of fly about, very odd. I had on a dry pheasant tail tied on a 2499spbl hook, the first time I've tried this pattern of hook. I covered a small rise as I got into the river and a lovely little wild brownie was mine. There were only a couple of fish rising constantly which I could make out so I covered them and managed to land another brownie but this was definitely a stock fish. I made my way up behind the island and landed a 10" grayling after several came adrift this again on the pheasant tail. Still there were no flies about apart from the odd sedge, I couldn't understand it as it was a lovely balmy evening. I finished up wading up the cricket pitch this time having changed to a sedge but only managed to bring in 1 more lovely wild brownie before I called it a day at 2115 even though there was still plenty of light left but its pointless carrying on if there isn't anything to cast to. Must remember next time to take my camera!


Flyfishermanrichard. said...

Have to agree with you. I have stayed late several evenings, but nothing apart from theodd sedge. Nothing to get the fish excited.

I'm expecting some late evening olives at some time this summer?

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