Monday, 8 August 2011

Sunday evening

The tail of Sycamore Pool

I arranged to meet Derek at the works around 1830. He told me earlier that he has had a good response to fishing small black buzzers so I tackled up with a 22 pheasant tail with a small glass bead. Derek had also put on a small black buzzer. Tim turned up to who went down to the willow pool, more later. I followed Derek up to the sycamore pool where he had started but I got in at the tail, the first time I have started here in all the years I have been fishing at Chatsworth as the wading is a bit dicey. I immediately landed 2 grayling in as many casts however that was it for a while. There was again not that many fish moving and only a few sedge knocking about. This season has been very odd fly hatch wise as evenings when you would expect a really good hatch of olives they just have not materialised. Anyway I continued up to the sycamore taking another grayling at which point it got decidedly tricky so I retraced my steps and wandered up to see how Derek was doing. He had done worse than me only landing a grayling and a brown so I felt quite pleased with myself that again I was up on the maestro himself. Not that we have any kind of competition you understand only that if I ever catch more than Derek then I feel as if I have accomplished something as he is an excellent fisherman. I watched Derek at the head of the pool where there were a few fish moving, I was the spotter as it was getting dark by now. Derek connected with something which came in so far quite easily then it decided that enough was enough and "ping" the lot was gone! He continued for a while and I had a few casts below him but no a thing! So I ended the evening with 3 grayling.
On Monday I caught up with Tim as he works in the same building as me and he fished until 2100 taking a good catch of 'blue' rainbows which have been recently stocked. What was strange was that where he had been fishing there were clouds of BWO about yet where we were there were no clouds of olives but sedge. These appeared towards the end of the evening in their masses but again ignored by the fish.

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