Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sedge Time!

This is the first session for a while as been on holiday so was expecting to be a bit rusty. I decided to go above the 1 arch bridge in the park. As I had not been recently I was not sure what to put on so started with a grey olive parachute. The main pool about 100yds below the bottom weir was my aim and there were plenty of fly about. After a couple of casts Matthew the keeper came down so spent some time having a chat. He is not happy with the way its been fishing due to the low water and high water temperature. As far as I am aware its been doing ok or at least Derek has been doing ok. As we were talking there were swarms of sedge about so I knew what I would be restarting with. On went an elk hair caddis and immediately I was into fish. They were rising everywhere I ended up taking about 7 fish on the elk hair sedge. I then noticed a good fish rising on the far side so had to wade across to cover it but as my fly was a bit tatty I decided to tie on one of those LTD sedge thingy's (Mr Pointon furnished me with it at the Fly Fair) anyway need I say more but that also cleaned up with probably another 5 fish before it got too soggy. It was getting darker now so I waded back to where I started and changed to another Derbyshire sedge called Larry's Pride (Mick Martins pattern and another cracking fly too!) needless to say this also took a few more before I had to call it an evening at 2145 as I couldn't comfortably spot the fly. So I ended the evening with about 15-16 fish in a couple of hours and they were still rising to the sedge when I left. What was interesting was that they were all browns between 9-16 inches, some wild, some stock fish but all in 1st class order. It's good to be back and thanks Glen and Mick for letting me in on your sedge patterns.


Sanders said...

Well done! Glad you got out and had such a great evening.

Mick Martin said...

Sounds like Hammer time
I like big butts and I will not lie - well done mate.
MC Hammer

Anonymous said...

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