Saturday, 25 June 2011

A Tough Afternoon

I was due to go to the Wye today with Derek but he has got shoulder problems so had to cry off. So following the overnight rain I decided to go down to below the cricket pitch around 2.30.The Derwent has come up 2 or 3 inches but not sufficient to colour it up. The wind was still gusting upstream and fly were definitely absent. I had tackled up with a daddy long legs which Derek gave me. I was looking for rises but they were few and far between. I covered a few half hearted rises and landed a small wild brown soon followed by a second. I went down to the bend by Lady's Bower but apart from some tourist deciding to feed the ducks where I intended to fish nothing stirred. So I beat a hasty retreat to the cricket pitch and on the way took a breather on one of the benches and noticed a fish rise a few times so had to cover it and up it came to the daddy and was landed another wild brownie magnificently marked with red and black spots. I continued up to the cricket pitch pool but even here rises were non existent. I did a bit of prospecting with the daddy and took another brown. I rapidly got to the head of the pool just as it started to rain again so called it a day at 4.30. A tough afternoon.

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