Thursday, 2 June 2011

Wednesday and the First Evening session of the Season

As I was working from home today I finished at 1630 so by 1635 I was on my way to the river as it had been a rather warm day with some sun. I walked down to the sycamore pool where there was an incumbent already there, an elderly guy who was not akin to wading so I ok'd it with him if he minded me getting in just above him to work my way upstream. A few mayflies were about together with numerous yellow sallies, CAENIS, and just a general fishes buffet to delight! I trapped a yellow sally and confirmed it on my return home (obvious really). However there were the odd yellow olive type flies about much smaller than yellow may duns and on investigation they could have been yellow evening duns. I started off with my usual 1up 1down mayfly as they were about and took a couple of decent browns. Fish were head and tailing taking stuff but nothing obvious on the surface, maybe taking nymphs on hatching but the only thing they could have been were CAENIS! Worked my way up stream switching dries to try and get the risers to take but only really fluked a couple more on a rusty klink and a grey olive parachute. Very frustrating when I could see constant risers but couldn't get them to take. Took a small grayling from the fast water at the run-in to the top of the pool but that was it until I moved above Baslow new bridge. I got to the pool just below the old bridge and again there were numerous fish rising but to what? I got down practically in the water and could make out that maybe these fish were taking the caenis spinners. Several were poking their "nebs" up to take the flies. I put on my trusty size 22 yellow parachute and covered the fish in the fast run and immediately hooked and landed a decent grayling around 1lb. Still there were fish pushing their heads out and I covered the nearest and connected with a decent rainbow around 2lb in pristine condition, RESULT! Don't you just love it when a plan comes together...........eventually. Considering I hadn't planned on going I finished around 2100 after the last fish, hopefully more warm evenings on the way.

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Trout Magee said...

Congrats on a successful first session of the season. Way to be persistent.