Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Tuesday 19th June

Following the rain and the fact that the Derwent had been up to 7 feet in flood eventually it has dropped to more or less normal level and clear so I ev eventually decided to have an hour or two down by the cricket pitch. Unfortunately someone was already there and had been all afternoon so I decided to make my way up towards Bar brook and the deer boom. As I didn't know what was on the river I had my go to grey olive klink on a size 16. I started under the tress on the way up but the river was deceptive as although it looked down to a good level there was still a good amount pushing through. After I lost the whole of my tippet I decided enough was enough so fished from the opposite side to the car park. I took a small brown to the klink but noticed there were quite a few spinners about so switched to my rusty parachute after a few fish refused the grey olive. Immediately I took another brown which  was as wild as they come. Although it was a warmish evening there wasn't much rising just here and there. I suppose after the recent high water and the fact the fish are probably satiated on mayfly points to the fact that they were all stuffed! I made my way up only casting to a rise and contacted a few but they came adrift. At the deer boom, where there is always a fish showing, true to its word there was more action here and I winkled out another 3 browns. By 2030 the temperature had dropped and so had the fish so I beat a hasty retreat. 5 fish in a little over an hour was not bad considering I was humming and harring as to whether to go or not.

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Regular Rod said...

"Humming and Harring" = time to reboot and go back to default settings...

Seems to me that it was a good use of time!


Regular Rod