Thursday, 3 April 2014

1st Wetting of the Line

As I was desperate to have a cast I decided to go for an hour after work today. Normally when the weather is like it has been I would not bother but with cabin fever etc. you have to take a chance. It was quite chilly and the mist was descending as I nipped over the road to below Baslow Old Bridge around 1615. Even so I noticed a couple of rises and trapped a olive dun, these were just one offs. The river is currently very clear and running an inch or two above normal. I made a few casts in the pool below the bridge but I could tell that really there much down for me! After a fruitless few mins ?I changed to my usual fox squirrel nymph  and landed a rainbow stockie around the pound mark. That was really it I called it a day after about 40 mins as it was really not worth fishing as it was way too late for this time of the year so I toddled off home where my daughter had arrived with our new granddaughter Sofia, God it's great being a Grandpa!


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