Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Miserable Day in Derbyshire (weatherwise)

It didn't dawn too good here today, rain and a good breeze. A break around 1030 convinced me to have a go so I went into Chatsworth Park. I started by the willow stump and as there was no hatch decided on my usual fsn heavily leaded to get it down. Earlier I had spoken to Derek who went yesterday and did well but had to use heavy nymphs so ditto for me. After about 10 minutes my line stopped and I struck into an excellent rainbow around 3lb which led me a merry dance jumping numerous times. Fortunately I managed to ease myself out to shallower water and gave chase. Eventually it came close enough to net but I missed it and off it sped again but this time it threw the hook, a near miss! I then went down to Mary's Bower and noticed a rise but it was a one off, I was still on my fsn and soon landed a small wild brownie around 1lb. The wind was increasing now so I went back up to the stump and got a grayling before moving to the cricket pitch pool. Her I moved through pretty quickly as really if it had been later in the season I probably wouldn't have gone fishing today anyway another brown landed in the net so all in all not a bad couple of hours and some of that cabin fever was dispersed.

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Regular Rod said...

No such thing as bad weather! (Only incorrect clothing...)


It was good that you ventured out and had some success. You can't beat a day's fishing to cure the close season blues...

Have a great 2014 season.

Regular Rod