Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sunday 18th May - 1st Evening Session

After a really warm and lovely weekend I had arranged to meet Derek by the works to fish the evening, the first time this season. We met around 6.30 and I went downstream to the willow pool and Derek went up to the sycamore. I wasn't sure what would be about so had a parachute adams on as a general imitator. I got in at the bottom of the pool which was still a few inches higher than normal due to the weeks rain but running clear as a bell. A fish rose in the usual place under that tree on the far side, I covered it but it didn't show any interest in my fly. There were plenty of sedges, some large spinners, possibly olive uprights (or yellow uprights as the spinner is known) plus some small gnats. Considering the flylife about there wasn't much action on the surface so it was a case of speculative casting in likely runs. This did result in a nice brown around the pound and a half but nothing else. I suppose this was early days (evenings!) for the fish to get used to coming out to play at this time. Anyway after spending longer than I should I went upstream to see how Derek was getting on and guess what he was having a worse time than me! I followed him up the sycamore but noticed a small head and tail rise which I covered still with the adams and bang he had it, momentarily shall we say. I covered a few more of the head and tail rises but nothing even switching to a sedge, rusty spinner and a greyolive parachute. So I brought out my size 20 caenis type fly. This was immediately taken and I landed another lovely wild brown. This continued with several more browns and a rainbow. Derek meanwhile was struggling for once, now those of you who have followed this blog will know this vary rarely happens, he is a good angler indeed. I followed him up the pool but the rises petered out the further I got up so I made my way back to were there were still some fish showing those slow head and tail rises, again I picked up a few more browns on the caenis type parachute before the temperature dropped around 9 which put the fish down and the host of flies disappeared. I ended with 7 browns and 1 rainbow, a lovely start and hopefully many more to come!

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