Saturday, 31 May 2014

Mayfly Hatching This Afternoon

I went down to Beeley this afternoon around 4 pm as it was a reasonably warm afternoon so hopefully the mayfly would be hatching. A fisherman who was just coming away said that some had been hatching but the fish did not seem to be on them. I went down to Max's bench pool and there were mayflies hatching and some we're being taken! I put on my 1-up-1-down dun and soon had my 1st brown,a good start. Flies were now coming off thick and fast and those which did not get away quickly we're snaffled by the trout and grayling. I worked my way up the pool taking several browns and a  decent grayling. I decided to try those mayflies which I had tied as experiments to see if they would work.this 1st being a hatching mayfly tied on a size 12 partridge klinkhammer hook, several fish had a go and they were on momentarily but would not stay attached. I gave up in the end as the 4th or 5th fish came adrift, hook problem? Anyway the pattern worked so I may tie some up on different hooks. I went back to the previous dun and then started picking up more browns as I went up the next pool. The wind picked up a bit which appeared to put off the mayflies. I decided to go back to the pool by the luncheon hut by now it was around 6 and the hatch had stopped by now. Needless to say I got another brown then moved up again. A fish was rising in a food lane and I covered it a couple of times but drag was a problem until I got the cast spot on and up he came a lovely rainbow pushing 2.5lbs. Another fish took 1 of the final stragglers and again it succumbed to my dun! It was time to call it a day. As I was wading out I noticed some mayfly spinners around so the evening looked promising but not for me I had had my fill finishing with around 9 fish.

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