Sunday, 1 June 2014

A Hard Afternoon and Sorry Bill!

I decided to have a couple of hours at the willow pool. It was a sunny day, too sunny really though. I arrived to find 5 cars in the car park so it was going to busy. Luckily though nobody was in the pool so I started at the bottom. A few mayfly were showing but the fish were conspicuous by their absence, what a difference a day makes! Only the odd fish was showing so I was not really fishing to rising fish which is not ideal. I did hook up with a fish but it soon got off. I worked my up the pool but got nothing. I decided to go down to Bar Brook and met up with Bill at the deer boom. We spent time chatting but all the time scanning the water for risers. Nothing much was showing, the keeper appeared and then we both noticed a fish patrolling up between the weed beds,we told Bill but he could not see it. The fish was definitely on the prowl so eventually Bill decided to have ago but missed the tree behind him which grabbed his fly. I asked him if he wanted me to catch it for him, jokingly of course but give him his due he did say ok! I cast from high up on the bank and my fly landed about a yard in front of it and blow me he came up for it! This is we're the apology is required. I managed to land a rainbow around 2.5lbs, the first of the day. I then went down to bar brook and again there was not much happening but another brown came to the net. I worked my way back to the deer boom but nothing came to hand. A last look down at the gully and another brown came in. I decided that as it was too sunny and the fish weren't playing I called it a day.

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