Wednesday, 4 June 2014


I decided to take half a days hol from work so I could go fishing. I went back down to Beeley this afternoon around 3 hoping the mayfly would be hatching.! I started off in the pool above the hut but there wasn't much happening only the odd mayfly and nothing showing any interest. I started off right at the edge and on only the 2nd casts landed a reasonable rainbow just as the keeper appeared. We spent a while chatting before I continued but failed to rise anything else. I decided to go down to the pool above Max's bench where I attempted to fish on Saturday but due to the height of the river was unable to make much progress however today the river was probably down by around 4-6 inches which made the rest of the pool fishable. By now there was a good hatch coming off and several fish were showing now. I decided only to fish to rising fish and started to take several browns as I made my way up, all to the usual 1-up-1- down mayfly. I got as far as I could before my waders were at the limit on the plimsol line where I noticed a couple of fish head and tailing,not taking mayflies but something else but what? I covered them with various flies before going back to the mayfly dun eventually 1 of them took it but in my exuberance I struck too hard and left the fly in the fish,I hate doing that. There were still fish rising so I continued covering them but they were in a difficult position and no matter how many times I fluffed the cast the fish continued to rise. I managed to hook another and a lovely rainbow around 3lb was landed. The remaining fish continued to rise but they had got wise to the artificial. Around 6 the temperature dropped and most of the mayfly disappeared and only the occasional fish showed. I decided to call it a day after landing 2 rainbows and about 8 browns so not a bad afternoon.

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