Friday, 6 June 2014

Another Hard Afternoon

Today I took another half days hol as I was taking a guest fishing. We went down to the lunch hut around 2, I wasn't expecting much as it was a bright sunny day. Fish were not rising much so Max's bench pool beckoned were there is a small amount of tree cover afforded some protection for the fish. There was a reasonable hatch of mayfly but also a smattering of yellow sallies, olives and yellow May Duns. We covered a couple of fish with the mayfly but nothing it took a few more before we managed to get a positive rise and hookup and landed a lovely wild brownie. Soon another rise which was covered produced another brownie, it was hard going. I left Stan to continue up the pool whilst I went on to the next one which is that bit deeper and required careful footing. I struggled to get anything to rise only getting an out so season grayling to take my mayfly. Even switching to a fox squirrel nymph did not produce anything. We then went to the head of the pool and spent a while there but again not much was showing I had a fox squirrel on and took 1 last brown before we called it day.

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