Monday, 3 April 2017

We're Off!!! - 1st day of the season

April 1st dawned dull and a bit wet. I had a few chores to do and had arranged to meet Derek down by the Sycamore Pool. I decided to start off over the road then walk down to meet him. I was in the pool below Baslow old bridge and it was good to finally be out on the water even though I have had a few outings after the grayling. Spring is a lovely time here in The Peak District. The Derwent is in fine form, very clear with just  tinge of peat, currently. I was not expecting much flylife to be about as it as not as warm as it has been lately. I had on my usual go to dark olive fox squirrel nymph, a good LDO nymph imitation. After a couple of minutes in the run on the nearside of the pool a wild brown around 10" was landed, a great start to the season! It is always good for the ego to catch a fish early on just to prove to yourself that you still have the "knack". Another brown soon followed then by a OOS grayling. I noticed a small rise over the far side of the pool so a quick change to an olive parachute was in order. Nothing happened with the rise however as my fly dragged back to me an enthusiastic rainbow took hold and was also landed. Things were definitely looking good. I decided to make my way down to the Sycamore pool rather awkwardly where Derek had taken a few trout. Tim was also at the run in and was taking fish too. I "snook" in below Derek ready to work my way up with the dark olive fun and immediately started to take fish, obviously some were stock fish but all in exceptional condition. I did not move much as the takes were coming thick and fast, I ended up with over a dozen fish mixed between browns and rainbows, a good start to the season which this year I am looking forward to even more as it will be the 1st one since my retirement, LOOK OUT FISHY!

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