Saturday, 29 April 2017

Saturday - 1st Iron Blue, Pale Watery and Yellow May Dun!

I had arranged to meet Derek down at Beeley again around lunchtime. The morning was reasonably warm as I cut the grass and things were looking rosy for the afternoon. I got to the hut around 1330 and as I was tackling up a small iron blue landed on me, this is the 1st one I have spotted here on the Derwent this year, as I was trying to get my camera out and ready to take the shot off it flew! I went down to Max's bench pool with Derek fishing the pool above. As I was manoeuvring into position what looked like a pale watery floated past. I had on a small black parachute to hopefully tempt something. A fish rose underneath the trees opposite and on my 1st cast the fish rose and was hooked and landed, a lovely wild brownie.
Notice the red adipose!
My next attempt at getting under the trees resulted in a lost fly! As I was tying on another black parachute what looked like a yellow may dun wafted past. It was turning out to be a real mix of flies but alas these were one-offs. There were plenty of midge about in both black and a light olive. Covering the next couple of rises produced nothing to the parachute so I put on a "special" cdc midge pattern given to me by Mr Marriot. This worked a treat on the next 2 browns as it was sipped down easily and resulted in 1 fish being landed. I worked my way up the pool and a blue rainbow had a go at the midge as well. The wind was a nuisance this afternoon and soon the temperature was dropping and I was getting cold so a hasty "stroll" through the pool produced another blue to an olive fsn as the few rises that were about had dried up hence the nymph.

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