Tuesday, 23 May 2017

1st Evening Session

After today's duties I decided to try the evening session to see whether there was anything happening. I went down to the willow pool and in the car park the only car was leaving, they said it had been "quiet" in the willow pool but it didn't put me off. I got down and put on a general grey olive parachute a couple of rises were covered but nothing showed an interest. There were loads of fly about from spinners and duns to masses of gnats. I managed to catch a few in my net and the spinners were not blue winged olives but slightly bigger and a brown olive colour. I put on an olive paradun and immediately a brown was landed. Another couple of misses and then a rainbow came in. The amount of fly about this evening was amazing, looking downstream what I thought was a mist turned out to be masses of gnats. I switched to a black gnat and again after covering a few fish another couple of browns came to hand. A few fish were head and tailing which to me means they were taking spinners and the only thing I had closely resembling was a pheasant tail body and a pale hackle. I tried off the bottom hackle so it would sit right on the film and luckily a fish took it and a brown was landed. The light was falling now and I could just make out the light hackle on the fly as another final brown took and was landed. I called it a day at 2130 as the light also called time, a really good evening with many more to come.

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