Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Sunday 8th May

 A lovely warm day and after cutting the lawn I decided to have a couple of hours between Baslow bridges. I had my 10'6" #3 but this time with a DT3 as I wanted to see if I could  make short line nymphing any easier. I had my usual FSN nymph on and started at the pool below the old bridge. The DT made casting/lobbing a bit easier with a 12' tapered leader with a 4' tippet. I landed a rainbow and a small wild brownie from the pool then went further downstream and lost a couple before reaching the new bridge. In the upstream pool a few more rainbows were landed to the FSN before i moved below the bridge and fished the pool immediately downstream. Another couple of rainbows and browns were landed to the same nymph. I was surprised that not many flies were about nor any rises but the fish were obviously feeding on the nymphs. Above the bridge again and a lovely oos grayling was brought in but it had a large gash on it's side, probably from a heron which I have spotted from time to time on this stretch. 

I finished around 5pm with 5 rainbows, 3 browns and 1 grayling for a couple of hours dibbling about!

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