Friday, 6 May 2022

Tuesday 3rd May

 I went into the park this afternoon as wanted to see how the river had changed. It was a bit chilly but no wind thankfully, cloud cover blotted out the sun too. I got in at the stump mid way between Mary's Bower and the cricket pitch and immediately noticed how the run on the house side had been silted up forcing more of the river across the other side. This had a positive effect creating a deeper run with more current. It meant the pool current had increased but the drop off appeared to be steeper too. 

I had on my usual FSN as I wasn't sure there would be anything hatching. I was "cheating" a bit with a yarn indicator on a 14' Orvis tactical leader with 4' tippet. This "cast" better than the 30' Czech nymph leader I previously used on my Orvis 10'6" rod. Whilst the Orvis tactical nymph line is rated #1 and the rod #3 it did not seem to load the rod enough for a proper cast only a lob! I suppose if I want to use the rod for that kind of nymphing with the occasional dry fly then a heavier line will be required.

I took a lovely wild brown which was still relatively dark after its winter spawning, this was followed by 2 oos grayling. These were 2 good fish larger than the average I seem to contact in their season. Some LDO's started to hatch together with larger olive uprights so on went a size 16 dry olive. Fish started to hit it but I missed a few before another oos grayling came in and another good wild brown similar to the first. The hatch was active for maybe a couple of minutes then ceased for a few minutes before starting again and this went on for an hour or two. There were certainly more fish rising all the way up the pool whereas in previous years the fish seemed to be congregated in the lower half of the pool.

I then went up to the cricket pitch but there were only a few flies knocking about so on went the FSN again. I lost a couple before a rainbow came in, probably one of this years stocking. This pool has also changed due to the floods, it seems to be shallower nearer the bank than normal with the run being pushed further out. I worked my way up the pool with the FSN taking another brown and 2 more rainbows, the final one an absolute cracker of around 3lbs fully finned with white tips, lovely!

I finished around 5.30 and another positive from the floods was the place where I usually get out, it was much easier now as a new exit point had been worn in the bank so not having to stumble over the large stones right at the head.

A good afternoon with a triple Mc"Chatsworth" Nab, 3 browns, 3 grayling and 3 rainbows!

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