Sunday, 26 April 2015

1st Outing of the 2015 Season

On Saturday I finally managed to get out for a couple of hours. I went over the road between the bridges in Baslow. The weather had one of those April showers earlier but the sun was out now but still a bit on the sharp side! I started off in the pool below the old bridge and second cast produced an oos grayling to the good old fox squirrel nymph. Pointless using a dry as nothing was showing or hatching. I fished a couple more casts and then my 1st brown a lovely little wildy about 8 inches. I then worked my way downstream and picked up a reasonable rainbow about half way down. The fast water lower down produced another wild brown and then something which is quite rare here a rainbow trout about 6 inches and still with 'parr' marks on it's flank so they must be breading hereabouts, beautiful. The pool above the new bridge produced a couple more rainbows again to the same nymph and then as the temperature started to drop I briskly worked my way back upstream and picked up another rainbow and a couple of grayling so not a bad start to the season for a couple of hours. As I  said earlier nothing hatching apart from the odd olive and never saw a rise!

Friday, 3 April 2015


Well after a long long winter with no grayling fishing done due to the river being out of sorts when the opportunity to go cam, the trout season finally started on the 1st April. A lot of heavy rain in the run up to the start made the river unfishable, even Derek had not gone out! Today the river is still up by a good foot, hopefully by Monday it will be on form.

On another note Fishing for Heroes which is a charity which helps our military is having an auction and there is a days fishing on Chatsworth available with yours truly. Details here

I hope everyone who knows me or reads this blog has a great season, speak soon.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Part 2 Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon was even warmer than yesterday so not wanting to waste it I again went down to the works where Derek had already arrived. Today I was determined to try and crack the head and tailing fish. I had forgotten to take my box with all my micro flies in yesterday so made a point of taking it today. I started off with a small black spider in the willow pool and covered a few fish to no avail. The river was extremely low and clear and I could spot several trout under the first tree.they were at it again head and tail rises to something minute. Yesterday there were small black flies and greenfly about so I put on size 26 greenfly and on the first pass a fish took but the hook failed to secure. This happened again on the next rise so a tip given to me is to slightly offset the bend which I did. This had the desired effect and the next rise resulted in a hookup and a brown around 2lb was landed, a real beauty. Even with the disturbance the fish caused fish continued to rise. After covering several others the cast eventually dropped spot on and drifted drag free over another brown which took and was subsequently landed. I decided to switch to the same size black smut. This also eventually managed to hookup a couple more stunning browns when I noticed a good sedge riding the current above me, this was snaffled by a fish so on went a brown sedge and was floated over where the fish showed and first time up he came and had it. This was my best brown of the season as he was pushing 2.5 lbs a gem. Several other fish rose to the sedge but either missed it or I was too eager as I could see the fish coming for the sedge. Another two fish came to the sedge before one of the cows in the field got through the fencing and joined me in the pool, game over! I wandered up to the sycamore to meet up with Derek who had taken a few fish. Fish had slowed and only the odd fish was showing. I persevered with the sedge and took another brown as Derek was landing a cracking rainbow which only just fitted in his net. We called it a day around 5.30 as the temperature started to drop and the fish with it, a good afternoon all round and not many left as the season finishes a week on Tuesday.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

A good afternoon but very autumnal

I arranged to meet Derek at the works around 1.45, it was certainly autumnal today. It had started of quite misty but the sun had burnt it off earlier on how ever now it had cloud over. Derek went up to the sycamore and I went down to the willow pool. Fish were head and tailing as there were numerous tiny insects about, nothing definite. I had put a small black beetle on on Derek's recommendation. The first couple of fish covered appeared to take the fly but whether they had taken some thing close or I struck to soon but there was no hookup. It had been quite a few weeks since my last trip so I was probably a bit too keen. Eventually I hooked up with a lovely brown in tip top condition. I decided to swap  to a black gnat as I spotted a few small black flies, this still did not produce the result so again changed to a griffiths gnat which immediately took another brown. I think this was a flook  as nothing else showed any interest. Fish stopped rising and John had come down to make a cuppa so it was time for a quick break.  At the restart fish had started to head and tail again so I decided on a small black buzzer below an indicator, I covered a fish and it was immediately taken and another brown was landed. A second and third soon followed so I stuck with this setup. The temperature was dropping but it had not Put the fish down yet. A couple more browns came to the same setup and soon the activity stopped so I called it a day for 7 browns as I had started to shiver and couldn't stop. When I got back to the car I had  to sit there with the heater going full blast for 10 minutes! Derek had faired slightly better getting 8 fish from the sycamore up so all in all a good afternoon.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Thursday 14th August

I finished work early and wenty down to the one arch bridge. I decided to fish below. Following he recent rains I suspected the river would be carrying some colour so had on a fox squirel nymph. I got into the bottom of pool below the bridge, this is only the 2nd time I have been down here in all the years I have fished on Chatsworth so was unsure of the river bed. I cast down and across into the fast run into the lower pool and soon landed a rainbow this was followed by a brown from the run on the far side. I then made my way into the pool above but the river bed was full of football sized boulders which made wading difficult. I only managed about 15 yrds before chickening out and decided to go above the bridge. Next time I must take my guide, Derek, with me as he knows this river like the back of his hand. I went up to the usual pool and there were several fish showing so on went a caddis as there were plenty around. After a couple of missed takes I then landed a lovely brown followed quickly by a second. My caddis was now a bit worse for wear being tied from cdc so I switched to an elk hair caddis and again was taken by a rainbow around 3lb which took a while to subdue. by now I could see the rain approaching down the valley and thebreeze increased which put the fish down so I switched back to an FSN and took a couple more browns and rainbow finishing around 7 with an 8 fish total. The rain started so I called it a day.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Recent Evenings

First off there has been a lack of photos on my blog recently as my camera has suffered a major malfunction and it currently resides with nikon to get a quote. A local dealer suggested that it probably isn't worth mending as the value is less than a hundred quid! This on a camera that cost over £800 6 years ago. Anyway whine over and back to fishing!

Sunday 20th July

Again I went into Chatsworth Park above the 1 arch bridge. It had been a glorious day and some trippers were still enjoying the evening and still in the river by the weir. I started in my usual pool as there were already fish showing and I had on my grey-olive size 16 klink style fly. There was loads of different fly about from newly hatched duns to sedge, midge and spinners. I managed to trap a couple of sedge and they were amber bodied and grey bodied, the duns were similar to my fly with greyish olive bodies. After a couple of casts I struck into a fish but immediately got broke. This has happened a lot lately, I must be too keen to land them! I have started to use a different mono called Preston innovations which is a coated mono but I think it may be lacking the stretch of normal mono, I may go back to the trusted Bayer Perlon. Anyway after remaking my cast with another same fly as before I struck into a brown which had a long range release, was it going to be one of those evenings? Fortunately these mishaps had not put the fish down and they continued to rise and eventually I landed a cracking rainbow around 3lb. This was followed soon after by an even better one which managed to get below me which I had to chase to the bottom of the pool before attempting to net it several times before getting into my net tail first, this fish was well over 3 lb and probably pushing 4, a lovely specimen. Fish continued to come to the same fly before it became knackered so I changed to a sedge to see if that also worked and it did, this was a sedge tied with those plastic film wings from J Son and they do look convincing. At about 9 the spinners increased in number and the rises were amazing with the fish slurping and poking their noses vertically up, a lovely sight. I finished around 9.45 with a total of 4 rainbows and 6 browns. As I made my way back to the car a herd of roe deer appeared on the opposite bank to take a drink, they had probably been waiting for the crowds to go before thinking it was safe to come down, lovely!

Tuesday 22nd July

This evening I again went down to the willow pool, one of my favourites, I started at the top of the pool this time as a few fish were showing. I had on a brown sedge and after a couple of casts connected with a decent brown. The second missed take resulted in a snagged cast up a tree behind me so back to making up a new cast. A smaller grey sedge was attached as the previous fly was a bit too big on a 14 so a size 16 was used and first cast another lovely brown was landed. There were loads of sedge about as well as spinners and some yellow sallies which the fish seemed to be interested in but I did not have a suitable yellow pattern so will tie some up for next time.I continued to fish as far as I could down the pool covering fish with the sedge but something was wrong as the splashy rises had been replaced by the slow head and tail rise, what were they taking? A closer look in the surface revealed "spinners" so on went the rusty spinner and after losing 2 under the tress were the fish were rising I managed to get a couple of casts spot on and finished with another couple of browns.

Wednesday 23rd July

I had arranged to meet Derek down by the gulley and fish the pool together. This evening was totally different in this pool as there was not much fly about and consequently not much rising. Derek had already started when I got down and was by the deer boom but had not had so much as a touch. I worked up the pool and took a small wild brownie of about 9". Even in the fast water at the top of the pool where there is usually a fish or 2 showing nothing stirred so I went up to the willow pool. Derek soon joined me and he had fared worse not getting anything. I started at the bottom and soon got into a good rainbow which was duly landed on a brown sedge. This was quickly followed by a another brown to the same sedge. There were loads of sedge about skimming the surface and the trout seemed to be targeting them well. Also my other friend a water vole was busy on the opposite bank looking for his evening meal. Each time I fish this pool he is there scurrying about, lovely. I finished the evening after losing more flies to the bushes with 6 fish in total.

Tuesday 29th July

It was rather cloudy this evening and not as warm as it has been. Consequently down at the willow pool (again!!!) there wasn't much moving. I had on a sedge but there were very few about and after 15 minutes without so much as a sniff I switched to my grey olive parachute. A fish rose near the tress on the opposite bank and again I snagged the tree to lose my fly so had to make up another cast again with a similar fly. The fact I had fluffed my previous cast had not put the fish down and it rose sporadically, I covered it several times and eventually he came up and I struck into a good rainbow which led me a merry dance boring deep, at first I thought it was a brown as rainbows are usually more acrobatic! Fish were definitely awol tonight and only the odd one here and there rose needless to say as each one rose I covered them several times before the cast looked good and resulted in a solid take. A couple came adrift but I managed a further couple of browns. As the river was extremely low I decided to try and wade up the whole pool as usually it gets right over the plimsoll line and you have to retreat and get in at the top. Now however as I managed to just skirt past the alder without shipping water and continued to fish the pool right up to the top. By now the odd spinner was about and the fish that were rising were head and tailing so on went my rusty spinner and I took a few more browns to finish the evening with 6 fish. I finished by 9 as the sky looked threatening and the temperature had dropped so I took that as a sign to call it a day.

Tuesday 5th August

Another trip to the willow pool as it was a decent evening, lots of sedge, duns, spinners and caenis greeted me. The fish seemed interested too. I started with a sedge and covered numerous fish all for them to ignore my offering. Hmmm what were they taking, a closer look was needed. I managed to get below some of the fish and used my seine net to see what was in the film and hey presto very small pale duns, caenis! On went a size 22 caenis parachute and second cast a brown took. This was a lovely marked trout and was quickly returned. A second followed which was totally different in it's marking but a lovely trout too. I stayed at the bottom half of the pool and worked my way up slowly and connected with something larger which bored deep and broke me, I hate it when that happens, I just hope the fish gets rid of the barbless hook easily. Another cast was quickly made with the same caenis imitation and soon I was into a rainbow around 2lb which again could have been a wild one as it had the tell-tale white edges to its lower fins. Then something happened and the fish appeared to switch to the spent spinners as my fly was ignored numerous times so I switched to my rusty spinner and yes they were on them and I took another 3 browns to it. The other highlight of the evening was seeing a vibrant blue kingfisher come wizzing down the pool on his way home, stunning! I finished around 9.30 as the light was leaving the sky, the nights are beginning to draw in already, a horrible thought.

Camera Update - Nikon want £233 to fix it! Told them not bother I think I will go back to Canon and see what they have on the market maybe an EOS70D or EOS6D if I'm feeling flush (Ha). So if anyone needs a f****d up D80 body for spares then drop me a line, lol.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Sunday - A quick hour and Tuesday another hour too!

On Sunday I decided to have the last hour over the road below Baslow old bridge. Unfortunately there wasn't much fly life about so I started with my grey olive parachute which is always a good searching fly. The run along the opposite bank always produces a fish or two and this was no exception as a lovely small brown around 8" took, wild as they come! I noticed another small rise in the run in to the pool and covered it a couple of times before I got the cast spot on and another brown came to hand this time around the pound and a half. I persisted in this pool as time was running out and just as it was getting dark some spinners started dropping so,on with the rusty spinner and immediately a rainbow was landed. 2 further browns were landed before I called time around 1015.

On Tuesday again I decided to have the last hour and a bit but this time down at the willow pool. This time I started at the head of the pool where several fish were head and tailing. It was a glorious evening, warm with the sun about to dip behind the trees, lots of various fly about, spinners, Duns sedges and more! Again I had tackled up with a grey olive parachute and was soon into a decent brown followed swiftly by a second before losing my fly in a tree. As the top of the pool is "protected" by trees on the opposite bank under which the trout rise necessitating a sideways cast. I decided to put on a sedge and again a rainbow was taken. The fish continued to rise but getting them to take was not as simple as there was something they were taking which I could not make out. A few Duns were spotted which went through the head of the pool before being snaffled by the trout but I was not convinced that was the target. I changed to a rusty spinner and immediately was taken by another brown followed closely by a second rainbow which I would put money on being a wild one as it only about 6-8 inches and had the tell tale white tips to its fins. I worked my way down covering several fish but only landed another 2 browns, 6 fish in little over an hour and a half was not a bad evenings work!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Friday July 11th - A Lovely Evening

I had planned to go fishing each evening this week but never made it so was determined that I would go this evening. I went down into the park below the bottom weir. The sun was shining nobody was around and fish were rising everywhere, heaven! I had my usual grey olive klink and covering the second fish it was a lovely head and tail rise and I struck into a brown which was duly landed. The next rise was a cracking rainbow around 3lb again a lovely head and tail rise. Fish came thick and fast mainly browns and I soon had a tally of 8 fish. All to the grey olive which was now looking decidedly knackered. There were loads of sedge about as well as duns and spinners so I switched to a sedge and again started picking up fish. I lost the fly to another large rainbow so another sedge was put on and again fish started to take it again. I could not go wrong it was one of those evenings when everything comes together. I had the river and the park to myself, my own private stretch. Fish continued to rise to around 9pm when the sun dipped behind the hill and the temperature dropped. Only the odd fish rose from then and I finished with a second grayling taking my tally to 2 grayling, 2 rainbows and 12 browns for a joyful couple of hours.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Monday Evening

I decided to have the last couple of hours this evening so just went to the willow pool (again I hear you say!). It was a decent clear evening with the sun just setting behind the hills, lovely. I had previously spoken to Derek who said there were lots of sedge about so I had tackled up,with a brown sedge size 16. I started at the bottom and missed the first couple of fish but hooked into a lovely brown which I would put money on being as wild as they come. I covered a few more but they were definitely not on the sedge so time for a rethink. There were also some Duns around and I managed to trap I in my net, it was a greyish colour so on went my grey-olive klink. On the second pass over a fish a lovely head and tail rise took the fly and I struck into what I thought was another brown but turned out to be a cracking wild rainbow around 1 1/2lb, full of spots right along its flank and fin perfect, it did not jump,about like other rainbows but bored deep. Another fish showed midstream and I placed my fly in the ring of the rise and up he came again and took, blimey I love this game when it comes together like this, fishing to rising fish and getting a take to targeted fish! Fish were showing at the head of the pool and so I got out and crept in at the head, fish were showing underneath the trees on the far side and by now there were plenty of spinners about,I still had on my klink and a fish took which was landed, another brown. At this point I decided on a rusty spinner for a change and although I covered several fish only 1 took the fly and was landed, a lovely spotted brown. It came the time when the switch was thrown around 9.30 and the temperature dropped, the fly disappeared and only the odd fish showed so I called it a day, 5 fish in a couple of hours after a sh!t day at work made it a good evening.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

June Forays

9th June
As I worked from home today I decided that I would get onto the river around 5. There was a very heavy shower in the afternoon and I was a bit dubious as to the state of the river. In the end I went down to the works but Rymans brook was well up, filthy dirty and thundering through so it wasn't looking too good. I went down to the willow pool but unfortunately it was far too dirty. Above the brook the river didn't, look too bad so I went above the sycamore. Visibility was ok to knee depth but as I was there I decide to give it half an hour. After a few fruitless searches I noticed a rise below some trees and after a pass or two the fish took my grey-olive parachute and a decent brown was landed. There then followed a series of rises under the same tree, a couple of rash strikes before a rainbow was also landed.

15th June
Today my son Adam came fishing too. The river was running clear and we started down by the willow pool, Adam got in at the bottom of the pool and immediately missed a good fish. He persevered and was rewarded with a good rainbow. I started at the pool head and got a brown. Both fish taken of mayfly as a few were still hatching. Not much was rising so we decided to go down to the deer boom. Adam went down to Bar brook where a few fish were showing, he managed to land a couple more browns to the mayfly. I rose and landed a few browns again to the mayfly before going down below Adam, where I fished from the high bank which enabled me to cover some rises on the far bank with the mayfly again landing a rainbow and a few more browns. We ended the day with Adam getting 3 browns and me 7 browns and a rainbow.

18th June
This evening was a lesson in watching the drag! Again I went down to the willow pool for the last couple of hours and started at the tail of the pool. I covered a couple of fish with my grey-olive parachute but it was refused. I left them and continued up the pool where another fish was rising, I was now below the fish whereas before I was more square on to the fish, the fish came up after a couple of passes, you know when you get the cast right as it just looks right. I continued as far as I could get before the pool gets too deep and took another brown. As I was retracing my steps I noticed the fish I had previously covered were still rising, again I covered them from a square position but failed again as I noticed drag. I could not make the cast without drag so moved lower down so I was casting more up an across and blow me the first cast the fish took my fly and a good brown was landed again I just felt the cast was right! Even after the fish was landed a second fish was still rising so another couple of casts later again when I felt it all come together and the fish took and was subsequently landed, another lovely brown. This must have put the fish down as rises ceased so I called it a day after taking 4 fish and learning a lesson in drag free presentation!