Monday, 8 June 2015

Monday - Another Afternoon Off

I had to take my wading boots back to Orvis in Bakewell today as the soles had decided the did not want to be joined to the uppers. As usual with Orvis their customer service is 1st class. Within no time and a bit of luck they had my size in stock so a quick exchange was completed and I was on my way.
I had arranged to meet Derek down by the gully this afternoon. The wind had calmed down today and the sun was shining but still a bit of a chill. When I got down he had started in the gulley pool so I went below the deer boom again. I started with my mayfly nymph and eventually landed a brown and a rainbow soon followed. The mayfly were starting to come off and fish were starting to show so off came the nymph and on went a dun. Before long one of the fish I covered rose and snaffled the dun, after it gave me a run around a lovely 3lb'er was landed. A brown followed then I had noticed a rise between me and the bank, I was no more than 9' from the bank and every time a dun came down the fish took it. This was getting irritating so I covered him with my dun but he had a look and that was all until the next real one came down. I changed to an merger but again nothing, a yellow sally came down and that was taken too. I added laughter tippet to my cast and put the dun back on and the second or third pass up it came and was hooked but this was short-lived as it slipped off, still a success though.
I then went down to Bar brook and now the mayfly were coming off thick and fast and the fish were rising everywhere. I landed more rainbows and a couple of browns. I had noticed a rise in midstream and covered it and then an almighty mouth engulfed the fly. It took off like a train and in all my years of fly fishing it was only the second time a fish had stripped all my fly line off and went well into the backing. The fish leapt numerous times just like a seatrout and shook its head like mad. eventually on the third or fourth attempt I managed to net it, a cracking rainbow around 6lb again, I was shaking like leaf after this! The afternoon was turning into a real success. a couple more browns were landed then I noticed a rise on the far side so again this was covered and the fish came up lazily and sucked in the dun. This proved to be another good rainbow and again was landed. At this point not much was showing and I was getting cold so decided to call it a day (or afternoon). I had landed around 12 fish but only 4 were browns. Another good afternoon and the new boots were christened!

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