Monday, 8 June 2015

Saturday - Fishing For Heroes

On Saturday I hosted the winner of the Fishing For Heroes auction for day on the Derwent. John had driven up on Friday evening so that we could have a reasonable start time. I met up with him at 1030 in Baslow and we went down to the lunch hut at Beeley. We had a coffee and I outlined the plan for the day. The weather was on the cool side with a dire wind gusting quite strong at times. We started at the pool above the hut and I pointed John in the direction and pointed out the feed lines etc. I went down to the pool below and we both had a mayfly nymph on as the mayfly were hatching now but a bit later in the day. Nymph action below the surface should be the order. I noticed John landing a couple of fish an I also got a couple of browns and rainbows.

We had a break at 1330 for lunch which included one of Derbyshire's finest pork pies from Castlegate butchers in Stoney Middleton, very recommendable. The wind was gusting stronger now so I decided that we needed to try and find a bit of shelter so we went down to the bottom end where hopefully the trees would provide a barrier. I put John into the concrete pool and I went to the very bottom limit. 

Mayfly were starting to show a bit more and by 1600 the trickle had developed. I had changed to a dry mayfly and managed to cover some rising fish which proceeded to show more than an interest in them. I finished the day with 8 browns and 4 rainbows. John was fishing a dry mayfly now and I noticed him taking a few fish. John finished the day with 10 fish, a good day all round!

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