Wednesday, 9 September 2009

2 Singletons!

Went over the road on Monday evening after the high water over the weekend. The Derwent was still about 3-4 ins. high and not quite clear. Started off with a size 20 olive and got a brown first cast which had been rising, so it looked like it was going to be a good hour or so.......wrong! Covered numerous other fish and connected briefly with a few but could not get them to take properly no matter what I tried from tiny olives to sedges. Called it a frustrating evening by 2030.

Managed to finish work a bit early on Wednesday and as Mrs P was out decided to have a bash so was on the bank by 1730. Went down to the hut and there were 2 other fishermen there. As I was tackling up 1 of them was coming off and informed me that the river had been stocked today. This usually puts the resident fish off for a day or two. Decided to fish the pool just below the hut and again covered a brown which had been rising and managed to land it on a size 18 olive. Don't count your chickens before they hatch! There was a good amount of fly knocking about including olives and sedges. Fish were rising here and there and covered several and hooked them but all were long distance releases. As I was fishing the pool up the another fisherman decided to fish the pool from the head, gee thanks! Even this syndicate has its inconsiderate idiots. So moved down a pool as there now appeared to be quite a few fish rising and a lot of sedge about so put on a small brown sedge and covered a fish which turned out to be a cracking rainbow which decided to make off to the other bank and freedom. Worked out the contour of this pool, by going down to the tail and sticking close to the near bank it was possible to cover a lot of good lies. Fish were rising constantly which I covered and again had some brief hook-ups but nothing landed. These again were all to the sedge, including some to Glen's LTD sedge, but all to brief before being given their freedom! Stayed till 2000 but had a real birds nest of a mess with my leader so called it a day only landing the single brown but hey it was still an enjoyable evening even though I broke my wading staff but did finish off with a chicken tikka masala!

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