Saturday, 19 September 2009

Derwent Fly Fishers Above Hathersage

My good friend Roger S invited me onto his stretch of Derwent Fly Fishers above Hathersage. It is a stretch I haven't been on before, we started at about 1300 above the stepping stones as there were loads of rises to the many olives coming off so Roger made the first cast and almost immediately had a good grayling to an F-fly (I am considering changing the name of this fly to a Rogers Favourite!). Then my turn and a few casts later another grayling to a grey olive parachute. (Colins Favourite!).
We walked down to the bottom of beat 14 and started to work our way back up. I took afew more decent grayling including this one and its twin.

Continued to cover rising fish and taking grayling mainly with a couple of browns all to the grey-olive parachute. At the top of the pool there was more depth and nothing rising so put on a dark olive squirrel nymph and immediately hit another good grayling which was pushing 2lb! Then on the next cast hit an even larger 1 but unfortunatley it didn't stay on. Picked up a second 1 again well over 1lb. Roger and I worked our way up past beat 15 where Roger hadn't fished before, we discovered some very good water all easily wadeable. I spotted fish for Roger and vice-versa we were both taking mainly grayling. We reached the limit of beat 16 and I took another 2 good browns again to the squirrel nymph.
We finished a very enjoyable afternoon at 1700 with a beer back at the car, my tally being 8 grayling and 5 browns.

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Mick Martin said...

Hi Colin

A good day by all accounts with plenty of ladies. Fancy a day out next Wednesday lunchtime till dark.
email,pm or ring if you do.

Mick M