Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Went for a Sit in the fishermans car park

The river was looking fine this evening considering the amount of rain we had last night, so decided to go for a few hours this evening as it was only slightly raining however by the time I got to the fishermans car park it was persistently raining! Waited for half an hour in the car but there was no let up and the cloud cover was dense and low so called it a day and went home for tea. Sitting here at 2000 with the rain coming down in buckets so will be very surprised if the river does not come up after this.
On a bright note, this morning there was a tiny olive stuck on my car in the dew, probably a size 20, maybe a pale watery? At least it got me thinking about something different on the way to work.
Hopefully get out Friday, river permitting.
Don't forget the Chatsworth Country Fair this weekend, always a good day.

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