Friday, 18 September 2009

River Wye

Derek invited me onto the River Wye today, Went down to the bobbin mill but too many people there so decided to go up to Gregory's Farm below Monsal Head. Got there about 1230 and the sun was trying its best to come out and it was fairly mild, there was a good hatch of olives coming off too. Started off in this pool with a grey-olive parachute but couldn't get anything to take. Derek started above the bridge on a nymph and immediately was into fish. Worked my way up towards the bridge where there were several good fish head and tailing then some kind person who had let their dog off the lead decided to let it take an early bath! Which put a end to that pool.
Went above the bridge to see Derek taking a good rainbow, again on the nymph. He certainly knows how to work the nymph upstream does Derek!

Fished above Derek and eventually got a nice brown on the dry grey-olive parachute. Not that many fish rising considering the amount of olives about and few sedge. Managed to trap a sedge which ahd a yellow/amber body and gre wings about a size 14. So on went an amber cdc sedge to cover a rising fish and immediatley hooked another nice brown, I love it when a plan comes together! Worked my upstrean taking a good rainbow on a nymph before getting to the bridge by Tom's Cottage and took 2 more browns from the pool below the bridge on the gre-olive parachute. By now the sun was dipping below the hill and the temperature was dropping. The river keeper, Chris, appeared and passed the time of day with him before retreating back to see how Derek was getting on, needless to say he had about a dozen all on the nymph. Went back to the first pool to see if the fish were back but only the odd one rising but didn't get anything so we called it a day at 1730. A good afternoon on this stretch which I haven't fished for a couple of years, thank you Derek for taking me.

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