Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sunday 13th September

Following the glorious day yesterday I decided to go down to the hut where on arrival I disturbed a massive dark brown bird of prey on the electricity pole by the hut, Matthew told me later that it was a buzzard which usually rests in the old oak tree further up river where the pheasants are reared. Took my camera with me hoping to catch a glimpse again but he was well gone! So I started in the pool just above the hut, one of my favourites where there are plenty of different runs and riffles. The river was clearish with a tinge of colour and plenty of olives hatching, dull grey bodies, wings and legs and about a size 18-20. Wondered what they were, pale wateries or some other small olive, hmmmm. Put on a size 18 grey olive parachute and immediately rose a few fish which failed to stay on until a small grayling was landed, a good start. Covered quite a few fish but again failed to stay attached, I call these moral victories! After a half hour walked down to Max's bench pool where I expected to see plenty of fish rising, nothing, zilch, nought, nowt, zero! So put on a size 18 biot nymph and had a few snatches but nothing definite. Noticed further up the pool a fish rising fairly constantly so quickly worked my way up and changed to a small olive paradun and covered the fish which took first cast but I struck too soon, luckily it didn't feel the hook and continued to rise so covered again and made sure this time landing a decent grayling.

Got out and was contemplating things sitting on Max's bench when Matthew the keeper came down to check on me, said that there had been someone fishing below the bottom weir in the park who had had a cracking afternoon, as I had only managed to land 2 fish so far. Then I suppose mine wasn't that bad too sitting on the bench in the autumn sunshine whiling away the time watching the river flowing by, the odd fish rising, dippers, bees, the sheep bahing, the cows mooing and generally thanking God that I am really lucky to be able to fish this stretch of river.
Went back up to the pool below the hut for the last half hour and got a decent brown before calling it a day as the temperature was dropping together with my standard of casting.

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