Sunday, 9 August 2009

catch a fly, identify it, tie it, fish it, catch fish!!!!

The caddis I trapped on Wednesday, I tied a rough copy of it with an elk wing and a couple with a cdc wing, both with orange/ginger/rusty body.

Went down to the hut at Beeley on Saturday evening and was surprised that the Derwent was up by about 6" and peaty coloured. Started in the pool above the hut with the sedge and picked up a brown and a rather emaciated rainbow. Both fish taken where no fish rising. Suprisingly had to wait till about 2030 for any appreciable rise to start. Noticed a few rusty spinners on the surface so on went the old faithful rusty spinner and immediatley started to rise and hook a few nice browns, a nice grayling and yet another emaciated rainbow, I don't know what's wrong with them but I have not seen this before. The rise lasted for about 45 minutes and then the switch was thrown and the temperature dropped and the fish went to bed. I continued for another 15 minutes but as nothing was rising called it a day at 2130. Its really amazing how the fish know when the temperature drops and they stop rising even though there are frequently spinners and sedge still on the water. How do they know?
Found this massive moth on my car boot when I left any ideas?

Chalk me up another enjoyable evening please.

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