Friday, 21 August 2009

Monday 17th August - The Last Hour (and twisted fins)

Went over the road below Baslow Old Bridge for the last hour. The river was in superb condition, clear as a bell. Only the odd fish rising though as it had been a hot day, covered the first one and a brown came shooting up like a missile for my griffiths gnat! Needless to say it didn't connect properly. Covered the second fish in mid stream and got a nice grayling around a pound, noticed another rise in the same place so covered it again and got a second grayling of a similar size, they say they hang around in shoals but this is the first time I have caught 2 grayling from the same "swim", both on the griffiths gnat. As the light was fading fast a few sedges put in an appearance and a few more fish started to rise so switched to a brown sedge and got a decent brown of about a pound and a half however it was a stockie probably from last year as the fins were all perfect apart from the 2 pectoral fins which were quite twisted. Does anybody know if fish ever recover from having abnormal or twisted fins?
Carried on for another 15 minutes or so and got a cloncking rainbow however it did not give a good account of itself as it came in like taking a dog for a walk. I don't even think it knew if it had been hooked, very odd, as it was totally fin perfect with a spade of a tail. Probably a bit p!ssed off at being hooked.
Anyway chalk me up another enjoyable hour, better than watching the goggle box.

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