Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sedges everywhere!

My wife had gone down to see family but I was on call so couldn't go, did some gardening and had lunch outside as it was a lovely warm day. So at 1600 I thought 50d the garden I'm going fishing! Decided to go above the works as there is a lot of fast water so "me thinking maybe them fishes be thur". The only problem about going above the works is you have to walk past it and on hot days it is slightly ripe to say the least anyway met another member who was finishing and passed the time of day, he informed me he couldn't get anything on the dry but managed some on the nymph. I had already tackled up with a size 18 nanas fly so started in the fast run at the top of the sycamore pool. The river was in excellent condition clear as a bell the only problem was the upstream wind but this hadn't put the fish down completely. Managed to rise a few but none stayed on until this grayling took.

Surprisingly there was not much fly about. About 1800 the sedges put in an appearance, they were everywhere, clouds and clouds of them and then the fish found them and started rising too.

Changed to a size 16 black sedge as the sedge about were silverhorns or longhorns, black body and grey wings. I had tied some following my previous visit so here goes, Managed to land a rainbow and a couple of browns. I was covering a lot of rising fish but they were not entirely switched on to my fly so changed it for a size 16 cdc black sedge.

Picked up another couple of browns but still something not quite right, think maybe a size 18 or even a 20 may have been better but I hadn't tied any. Met Tim half way doen the pool who informs me he keeps up with my blog as he can catch up with the river when he hasn't been for a while, thanks Tim. Tim started at the top of the pool and followed me down. The black sedge took some fish but as I have said not quite right so changed to a size 18 dark brown elk hair caddis and raised a few fish immediately, cracked it! Ended up with 8 fish from the pool before retreating to my car to pickup a fleece as the temperature had dropped but the sedge were still about.

Decided to fish the willow pool for the last hour and the sedge were still about picked up another rainbow and covered loads of rising fish resulting in another 3 good browns all to the brown sedge. Finished at 2000 as it had got decidedly nippy and being up to your waist in the derwent for over 3 hours eventually gets to you.

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