Sunday, 2 August 2009

Willow Pool

Run in at the top of Willow Pool

View up to the top of Willow Pool

As Sunday was a sunny day and there was no more rain in the night, checked the river at 1800 and it looked fishable although it was up by about 6" and still carrying a bit of colour. Went down to the willow pool again as its just round the corner. Got there about 2000 and already there were plenty of fish rising. Tried my half-half fly, tied on a size 12 klinkhammer hook, the bottom half a nymph and the top half a hatching dun. Raised a fish on the first cast, woo hoo! Raised and hooked a brown soon after then shortly again another brown, maybe I have got something here!

Carried on with the same fly and raised only the odd one although I was covering fish. Decided to change to a trusty rusty spinner as there were a few on the water together with a few sedge and what looked like pale wateries. Managed another couple of browns. I was in quite deep now and noticed I had gone just a tad too far and my nymph box was now full of water! Even my C&F so-called waterproof box was decidedly un-waterproof, brilliant, everything soaked.
Fish were going mad now but I did not think there were that many rusties on the water to bring up this amount of fish. They must have been taking the 'pale wateries' if thats what they were?

Fish rising everywhere!

Good brown.

Went up to the head of the pool and fished down as far as I could get to without shipping water. Fish were still coming up, managed a rainbow and a grayling to a cdc sedge and finally finished with another brown fishing back up to the fast water at the run in. All-in-all not a bad evening considering I only decided to go at the last minute.

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